How do I disable my Recycle Bin?

Below is a guide on how to disable your Recycle Bin so deleted items are no longer recoverable via this pesky little utility.

This is useful for technicians who may be servicing a machine and need to delete large quantities of files. Items will only need to be deleted once and will not require further attention or continue taking up valuable storage space in the recycle bin.

An end user may appreciate this feature to avoid needing to delete items twice. (As long as they are careful with what they delete!)

Firstly locate your Recycle Bin, mine is located here on the desktop.


Recycle bin with arrow


Now right click on your Recycle Bin to display some options.


Bin right click


Select 'Properties'


Bin Properties


Select the drive that you want to disable the Recycle Bin for. Note that each drive has its own unique Recycle Bin settings.

For this example I have selectd my (C:) drive.

Now select the 'Don't move files to the Recycle Bin' option.

(Selecting this will deselect the 'Custom Size'  option which is fine)


Bin Disabled


Lastly apply your changes by clicking Apply in the bottom right of the Properties window.


Bin Apply


Your Recycle Bin is now disabled so deleted items will no longer occupy storage space here and will instead disappear into the digital abyss.


How to Reenable your Recycle Bin:


In case you want your Recycle Bin reenabled, right click on your Recycle bin once again and select 'Properties'


Bin right click                    Bin Properties


Now select the drive you wish to enable the Recycle Bin on. Remembering each drive has its own settings for this.

I am selecting my (C:) drive.


Bin reenable


Select  the 'Custom size:' option.


Bin reenable II


And lastly click 'Apply'


Reenable III


Your Recycle Bin for your chosen drive is now up and running and ready to catch all your deleted files. A handy utility if you have second thoughts about deleting an item.


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