How to install bash shell in Windows 10

Windows Features

Img 1.0

The first step is to open the Turn Windows Features on or Off shown in Img1.0. The next step after that is to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux and the Virtual Machine Platform after you click ok the device will need to restart.

Now you will need to navigate to the Windows Store and locate your flavour of linux, in this example i will be using ubuntu 20.04LTS

Ubuntu Store Page

img 2.0

Click on the get button and then the install button, the page will look like img 2.0 and ubuntu will begin installing. Once this has completed click the button that says launch.

First time running

img 3.0

Once opened it will take a few moments to run its set up. It will ask you for a username this can be anything you like as this will be your Linux User Account name, it will then ask you for a password and then to confirm the password. Once this is complete you will be greeted with the almost full power of a linux system from the comfort of Windows.


It is recommended to run the update command to ensure your device is secure and up to date, do this by tying Sudo su, this will ask you for the password you set moments ago. Now type in apt-get update && apt-get upgrade this will find any updates and install them.


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