How to Connect to DoE WiFi using Apple iPhone (IOS) device

  1. Open your phone Settings > Wi-Fi > DoE_Student

   -  Login with your education account

first image

  - Trust the ‘Certificate’

second image

- Open browser and type:, it should lead you go into this page:

third image

- Now login with your education account

fourth image

- When the page redirect into this, you are all set and ready to use the wifi

fifth image

And here are some problems that you might occur and the solutions:

  • Sometimes the WiFi wouldn’t appear, you just need to turn on and off the WiFi couple times to reload the page
  • Sometimes the login will be fail, you should check if the caplock is on or off, maybe the password is changed and you need to check it with your teacher
  • Sometimes when you login on browser but it doesn’t show anything like the image above or maybe error, you can shut down the browser, check the WiFi and try again.
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07-12-2020 04:32
Ken Bui
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