How to register the work timings for Casual Employees at the Department of Education ESS ?

Being a Casual Employee at the Department of Education, Tasmania, it is very handy to just log-in the hours that you work for a day in the Employee Self Service website through your mobile device.

1. Log-in your User Name and Password by typing in the web browser.


2. Click on Relief and Payments.



3. Then press New Request. In this page, you will also find the history of your login hours, date s, and locations.



4. Select Education Facility Attendant.


5. Also choose Relief and Additional Hours then click Next.


6. Fill-in the Start time, End time, and the Location of your work then press Save. ( Note: The time must be filled in Military format and without dots.)



7. Once everything is saved, you can now send to your manager whose name will be available in the drop down list.



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24-03-2021 01:29
Mayk Biscocho
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