How to install Windows 10 on your PC.


This document is an instruction of how to install Windows 10(1903).



Once you’ve booted with the install disc, you will be able to see this screen which is the beggning of this installation.(Please check fig 1-1,1-2,1-3 below)

Please select English and US for keyboard/input method.(Please check fig 1-1 below)

Figure 1-1

When you reach the installer screen, select “Install Now” and follow the instructions to install Windows 10 on your PC.

Figure 1-2

Product key

Now after the annoying waiting time, Windows Setup would like you to activate Windows with product key. Select “I don’t have a product key” or insert your product key.(Please check fig 1 below)

Figure 1-3





At this step you will need to select the version of windows you would like to install, I’m going to choose Windows 10 Pro, Then click ‘next’.(Please check fig 2 below)





After that, it will ask you to automatically install or custom install it. It will be better to select custom, because it will help us to change the further settings.(Please check fig 3 below)

Figure 3




After it starts, the process can take quite a while.

Select the drive you wish to install windows on, you can also select new which will create partitions if you wish to use them, then click ‘next’.(Please check fig 4 below)

Figure 4




After this you need to select your region, I’m going to choose ‘Australia’ then click ‘Yes’.(Please check fig 5 below)

Figure 5




After it completes you are going to setup your keyboard’s layout. Select US keyboard if you’re using a standard keyboard, if not select the one you are using, you can also add additional keyboard layouts if you have more than 1.(Please check fig 6 below)

Figure 6




This is where you select your privacy settings, I recommend turning all of these off. Its because it will be annoying if you change it again.(Please check fig 7 below)

Figure 7



Next, you’ll need to wait a bit while Microsoft sets up your apps and gets things ready for you.(Please check fig 8 below)

Figure 8


Complete upgrading

When it’s done, you will be brought to your new Windows 10 desktop and can start checking out all of the new amazing features in Windows 10.


I hope this guide will help you understand how to install Windows10.



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