How to install Windows 10 Operating System

How to install Windows 10 Operating System

1: The OS must be acquired in order to be deployed onto the device requiring Windows 10. This is accomplished by connecting a windows 10 installation media (typically a USB stick) with the requisite Windows 10 ISO and using it boot from the startup menu in BIOS/UEFI.

Windows Setup Screen

2: The first screen you see will contain options for language, time and currency format and keyboard layout. Be sure to pick the correct options to suit the users needs. 

Windows Setup 2

3: From here you must choose the specific Windows 10 OS to install. Different types all are suited for different roles this computer might be used for.

Windows Setup 3

4: Once you are satisfied with your personal setup press Install now.

Windows Setup 4

5: Typical Legal licensing notification. Tick the box to accept these terms and move on.

Windows Setup 5

6: Depending on the type of install you are performing you may choose to upgrade a computer from a previous version of Windows. If you are performing a fresh new install however choose the “Custom” install option.

Windows Setup 6

7: Windows 10 will begin installing. This system will prompt a restart when it is done.

Windows Setup 7

8: Once the system has restarted you will be prompted to input some more specific information to configure the system for the user. Starting with region.

Windows Setup 8

9: The keyboard layout is next. US is the default for most English-speaking countries. You have the option of adding a secondary layout in the next screen but this step can be skipped.

Windows Setup 9

10: If your device can already detect a network it will appear on this screen. Connecting to the network will have the same normal requirements i.e network key and address. This can all be done later once the OS is fully set up so you might want to skip this step.

Windows Setup 10

11: Next comes the username. Make sure its something you can remember.

Windows Setup 11

12: And of course, next comes password. You will be prompted to enter this one twice to ensure that you know exactly what your password is. The number of steps after this can vary depending on the Windows 10 OS you have chosen. This guide shows the process for Windows 10 Education Edition.

Windows Setup 12

13: Cortana is a personal assistant program designed to use user info to help assist with what they want. It is entirely optional whether or not to use your personal judgement.

Windows Setup 13

14: The options for privacy are again entirely up to your choice. Some of them are useful for tools and utilities but the data becomes property of Microsoft.

Windows Setup 14

15: And with that your Windows 10 OS is ready to do the rest itself. Several loading screens will pass by but the system no longer requires any more input from you. 

Windows Setup 15

16: Once you reach the Windows 10 home screen you will know that the installation is complete.

Windows Setup 16

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