How to connect to WIFI using an IPAD?

This instruction is for IPAD or any othe iOS (Iphone Operating Sysytem) devices only, which may include Iphone, Ipod or any device that are using iOS.

Step 1: Select "Setting" by tapping the following icon.

 Selecting Setting


Step 2: Tap the "Wifi tab" as shown below.

Seeing the wifi tab


Step 3: Tap this icon to turn on Wifi.

Turning on Wifi


Step 4: Select the Wifi that you wish to connect to. In this case I would like to connect to "Bladerunner5G"

Selecting Wifi to connect to


Step 5: Enter the "Password" for the Wifi and Tap "Join" when you are ready.

Joining the wifi by oputting password


Step 6: You are now connected to this Wifi and it is ready to be use.

The wifi's name will appear next to the Wifi's icon.

The wifi will move from under "Networks" to under "Wi-Fi" instead with a blue tick in front of it.

There will be a wifi icon on the very top right corner of your screen to indicate that Wifi is currently active.

 Confirming that the wifi is working

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