How to use Zoom whilst in a meeting


What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video meeting and conference software that allows us to host and attend online meetings.

Zoom can be used on Windows and Mac computers, but can also be used on other devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This FAQ will help you understand how to use Zoom during a meeting.


*Note* Some options may only appear if you are the meetings host.


Using Zoom.

When you join a Zoom call you will be greeted with a window that looks similar to this.

If you hover your mouse over the meeting window you will see a bar appear on the bottom with a bunch of options.

Clicking the microphone button in the bottom left will allow you to unmute your microphone. If you press the arrow next to it you will be able to change which microphone and speaker/headphone is being used by Zoom.

Next to that is a Camera icon, pressing this will enable your webcam, allowing everyone in the call to see your beautiful face.

Pressing the arrow will allow you to select which camera you want to use and change camera settings.


Further towards the centre there is a security button.

This button is used by the meeting host, it allows the host to control who comes into the call, who can share screens and so forth.


To the right of that is a participants button. Pressing that will extend the meeting window, allowing users to view who is currently in the call, who is muted and showing their webcam.


Next to the users button there is a chat button. Pressing that will again extend the meeting window and show a chat box where users can chat with each other via text.

The user can also choose to message someone privately by using the dropdown box that says “Everyone” by default.

Users can also share files by clicking and dragging or selecting the “file” button. You can also pop out the chat into its own separate window using the small arrow in the top left.


Next to the chat is a share screen button. Pressing that allows users to share their screens or specific programs.


Next to that is a Circle button labelled record. This allows the user (generally the host) to record the meeting into either a video or just audio so the meeting can be referenced later if needed.

To the right of that is a reactions button. This allows the user to send either a “Thumbs up” or “Clap” emote.

Finally to the very right there is a Red button. This will be labelled “End” if you are the meeting host, or “Leave” if you are a participant. You will also be prompted a second time, confirming whether you want to leave the meeting or not.



You should now understand the basics of using Zoom during a meeting.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful.


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