How do I delete a product off my Opencart store?

The Article is based off Opencart version 16.0. 

Going to the administration page of the opencart website. You can find this by entering the ip address of your opencart with '/admin'.

This will take you to the dashboard of the administration page, on the left hand side you want to click on 'Catalog' and then click on 'Products' from the drop down options. 

Dashboard of Opencart


You will now see all your products. You might find the one(s) you want to delete, on the left had side you will see a tick box next to each product. check the boxes next to the products you want to delte.

Tick Box


On the right hand side on the screen you can use the filter option to find the products you want quicker.


Finally, on the top right hand of the screen, you will see a red delete button, this will delete the products you have checked boxes for.



You will be asked 'Are you sure' by a pop up promt, simply click the 'OK' option, and the product(s) will be deleted. 

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