How to share your screen using Zoom


This article is intended for the Windows version of the Zoom Desktop Client.


Before we Begin

-Sign up for a Zoom account. Unless your company has already allocated you one.

-Install and Download Zoom Client for meetings from the Zoom website. Please find the link in Resources below.

-Start a meeting.


Screen Sharing

To start Screen sharing, click on the “Share Screen” button in the meeting room

(See fig. 1)

Share Start

fig. 1


This will open a Screen select window (See fig. 2). From here you can choose to either share your entire screen or just an app or program that is open on your desktop.

Screen Select

fig. 2



If you are sharing a Video or a presentation that has a video embedded in it, make sure you tick the “Share computer sound” box on the bottom left. (See fig. 3)

Share sound

fig. 3



When you’ve selected your screen you want to share and ticked the share sound box, press the "Share" button on the bottom right (fig. 4) This will start the screen share.

Start Share

fig. 4


And done. You should now be seeing a bar across the top of your screen (fig. 5). This means that others can see your screen and the options in the toolbar help you to control the experience.


fig. 5


To see this process in action, please watch the Screen Sharing Video in Resources.




Screen Sharing Video

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