How to create a shared file using Google Drive on Windows 10

This Knowledgebase Article is a guide on how to create or upload a file to Google Drive and share it to other users.


This Knowledgebase Article is designed for Windows 10 and may not work for other Operating Systems.



Step 1: Accessing Google Drive


There are two ways to access Google Drive:


Accessing Google Drive through Google search


This is the easiest method to getting to Google Drive.


1. Search for and open Google Drive

Alternatively you can use this link:


Open Google Drive website


2. Login to Google Drive

Use your Gmail email address and Password to login.


Login with Gmail email and Password



Accessing Google Drive through Gmail


This method requires you to already be logged into Gmail but is just as easy as the first method if you already are.


1. Click the 9 dots in the top right


Click the 9 dots


2. Click "Drive"


Click Drive



Step 2: Creating or Uploading a file


A file doesn't have to be created on Google drive to be shared, you can upload an already existing file but this step will show both creating and uploading a file.


If you just want to know how to share a file or folder then skip this step.


There are two ways to create or upload a file:


Click "New" in the top left.


Click New




Right click the middle of the screen.


Right click anywhere

 You can choose to create a new file or upload an existing file.


You can pick any of the new file types to create as they can all be shared.



Step 3: Sharing the file


Sharing a file through google drive means that anyone with access to the file can edit the document alongside anyone else with access to the file.


This step also applies to sharing a folder.

The big difference between sharing a file and a folder is that if you share a folder everything inside that folder is also shared.



1. Right click the file and select share


Click Share


2. Add users to your share


Add users in the text box

Users can be added through "Add people and groups" by either typing in their Email address or, if you have them added as a contact, typing their contacts name.



Step 4: Accessing the shared file


There are two ways to access the shared file:


Access the shared file using a link


A link to a shared file can be created and shared to those with access to the shared file.


1. Right click the file and select share


Click Share


 2. Under "Get link", click "Copy link"


Click copy link in bottom right

Again, this link can only be used by those with permission to access to the shared file.


This can be changed by clicking "Change to anyone with the link"

WARNING: There is a bug that can cause you to lose access to the file entirely when changing to sharing to anyone with the link so change with caution. 


Access the shared file through Google Drive


If you dont want to spam people with notifications when they are added to a shared file this is the alternative way to navigate to shared files.


On the left side of the screen, Click "Shared with me"


Click shared with me in the middle left of screen

Here you can see all files and folders that are shared with you.


I hope this Knowledgebase Article has been informative and helped you to create shared files using Google Drive.







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