How to wipe your USB or another storage drive using Parted Magic?

How to wipe your USB or another storage drive using Parted Magic?

This step-by-step guide can help you to clean up your space on USB Flash Drive (as an example) and create new partition in several easy steps.

In case if you do not have this tool, it does exist on the dedicated PC in the LAB A4-29.

Here are the steps:

  • Step 1:  Run Parted Magic partitioning tool with GUI.


  •  Step 2: Insert USB Flash Drive and choose <Partition Editor> utility.


  • Step 3: USB Flash Drive will appear on the screen.


  • Step 4: Click once on the chosen device and press <Delete>.


  •  Step 5: Partition will be deleted.


  •  Step 6: Then right click on <unallocated> partition and click <New>.


  • Step 7: In the opened window choose <File system>.


Information: There are some file systems which are commonly used. they are:

  1. NTFS ( the most that modern Windows versions use by default).
  2. HFS+ ( The Hierarchical File System (HFS+) is the file system modern macOS versions use by default).
  3. FAT32 (allows to store files no larger than 4 GB, it is an obsolete format but still in use).
  4. APFS (APFS was released with iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.13, and will become the mandatory file system for those operating systems).
  5. Ext4 (file system is commonly used in Linux).


  • Step 8: Then in the list choose <NTFS>.


  •  Step 9: When finished click <Add>.


  • Step 10: You can see that <Unallocated> (grey color) partition will change to the green <new partition>. Click <Apply> button.


  • Step 11: In the warning window click <Apply>.


  • Step 12: The process of wiping begins.


  • Step 13: Click <Close> when finished.


  • Step 14: USB Flash Drive was erased, and new partition was created.


If you have successfully completed all the steps, USB Flash drive can be removed from the PC.

NOTE: This process does not securely erase data. for that reason another tool such as DBAN should be used or an internal secure erase utility.


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