How do I create a USB RescueDisk with Rufus?


This KBA will guide you step by step through the process of creating a USB RescueDisk with Rufus using an ISO. In this example we are using a Kaspersky RescueDisk ISO.


Open the latest version of Rufus.


Click the drop down menu and select the USB device you wish to use.




Click SELECT and then browse to the ISO file you wish to use. In this example we are using the Kaspersky Rescue Disk.



Select MBR from the drop down menu under Partition scheme.

Leave Target system as default selection.



Select NTFS from the drop down menu under File System.



When you are ready click START




If you see this dialog box leave it on the recommended setting and click OK



The last message is just a warning  that all data on the selected USB device will be destroyed. Click OK




Rufus will now copy the relevant files to the selected USB device.



Once it has finished you can click CLOSE




Your USB RescueDisk is now ready to use.




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11-10-2021 03:02
Chris Ames
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