Take ownership of virtual machine error.

How to take back control of a virtual machine when it appears to be in use.

When the virtual machines are shutdown and closed, the lock files are removed. When VMware cannot remove the lock files, it will result in the error pictured below.



Clicking on Take ownership will not work and will show an error box saying, Taking ownership of this virtual machine failed. This can happen because of power failure resulting in an incorrect shutdown or VMware application crash. Lock files restrict access to a file by allowing access to one user at a time. Restrictions include modify, read and writing to a file.

For more information regarding lock files in VMware Workstation, you can head here.

How to fix this:

1. Open virtual machine file location.
File location can be found easily by right clicking on your virtual machine and clicking ‘Open VM directory.’




2. Once in the correct file location, find and delete any file/folder formatted as lck or lock.
Make sure VMware Workstation is closed.


Opening up VMware, you will now be able to use your virtual machine.


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18-10-2021 07:08
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