How do I connect to DoE Wi-Fi (Via iPhone)?

  1. On your iPhone tap on the settings Icon, (The grey Cog wheel):
  2. Once within iPhone settings tap on Wi-Fi section below Aeroplane Mode:
  3. Now that you’re in the Wi-Fi section you should see a lot of available networks. We will be connecting to DoE_Student:
  4. Once in this menu you will need to type in your student details. These will be:

    Username: Education\Firstname.Lastname

    Password: Your password will be given by your teacher. 


    Now that your details have been typed in you should be able to tap join to connect to the Wi-Fi:                 
  6. After tapping Join you should then connect to DoE_Student.                                               
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03-11-2020 00:09
Campbell Weston
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