How to add a user to Active Directory (Windows Server 2016)

This is a simple guide on adding users to a server running Windows Server 2016. Active Directory must already be installed for these steps to be followed.


Step one: From the Server Manager, click Tools then Active Directory Administrative Center.



Step two: Click on the tab with your domain name, then right click Users. You don't need to create a user under Users, but it is the default location for them.



Step three: Hover over New, then click User.



Step four: In the newly opened window, enter the details for the new user then press OK. First name, last name and UPN logon are all required while the others are optional. If you do not enter a password here, the user will be prompted to create their own password when they log-on for the first time.



You have now finished creating a new user. To view or edit the user, double click on Users and scroll until you find them. 



You  can also add users through Active Directory Users and Computers. The method is very similar but the interface is different.

Open Active Directory Users and Computers from the Server manager > Tools, just like for Active Directory Administrative Center. Once open, right click Users or wherever you want to create the new user and click New > User.



Then enter the new user's information in the pop-up and hit Next.



Enter the user's password and enable any settings needed. If you do not enter a password, the user should be able to log-on without one and then set their own, like in Active Directory Administrative Center. When done, click Next and then Finish to finish adding a new user.

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