OpenCart - How do I add the PayPal Express Checkout to my Store?

Step 1: Adding Paypal as a payment method

Before starting this step, make sure to login to your OpenCart Dashboard as an administrator then do the following:

1. Navigate to the extensions Tab, then access the Payment extensions from the drop-down menu.


2. Scroll down through the various downloaded modules, for this tutorial, we want to install then configure the “PayPal Commerce Platform”. Do this by clicking the Green button and then the blue button.


3. The Next Page will have lots of important configuration options you can customize to your liking. The two necessary ones we MUST configure is setting the status to “enabled” and clicking “Connect with PayPal” and signing in and linking a PayPal business account.

4. Once you have correctly linked your PayPal and setup your configuration options (making sure its status is enabled) click on the blue save icon in the top right


Step 2: Adding the express checkout box

Your store now has the option to purchase items with PayPal, but there is no express checkout button yet. This is simple to setup:

1. From the Paypal Commerce Extension configuration page there is a link to another extension, the “Smart Button.” We can simply click this button or navigate to the module manually via the navigation pane again at:

Extensions-->Extensions-->Modules(on the drop-down menu)


2. Here we can change the smart button status to “enabled” then click the save icon in the top right.


Your OpenCart Store will now have an express PayPal checkout button on the shopping cart page and on each individual product page.


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