Why do my Microsoft apps open to a blank grey screen.

I've stumbled upon an issue regarding microsoft applications such as (Excel, Word, ETC), When attempting to launch a file from a shortcut whether it be on the desktop or in a folder. The computer will open the file as a blank grey screen that cannot be changed.


I have found that you can get past this issue if you open a file directly through the application itself, (open excel and then open a file within excel) however this can be especially annoying when opening downloaded files in succession.


The solution i have for the issue is as follows.


1. Open Startbar




2. Type in Apps and features

Apps and features



3. Scroll through the list or search directly for (Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise). Then click on The application and select modify, It should ask if you want to make changes to this PC (click yes).

Microsoft 365



4. On the small microsoft popup window select quick repair and click the repair button.




5. Click repair a second time on the new window. You will need to close any microsoft applications in use.




6. Once it has finished repairing you should be able to open microsoft files such as excel, word, powerpoint through their shortcuts.


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03-06-2021 07:05
Jack Barrow
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