How to create Bootable Windows 10 USB using Rufus

Step 1 


First download and open Rufus


Rufus USB 1



Step 2

Ensure the USB you intend to use is plugged in, it should appear automatically but may need to be selected if you have multiple USB devices plugged in.Ensure the USB you intend to use is compltely wiped because any files will be deleted once the process begins 

Rufus USB 2



Step 3

Select the ISO you intend to use

Rufus USB 3

Ensure your ISO image is somewhere easy to find 


Rufus USB 4


Step 4 

No need to edit any of this information for this example 

Rufus USB 5


Step 5 

Click Start

Rufus USB 6

 Be sure you are ok with this USB being wiped, click ok to proceed.

This process can take some time, feel free to do other things in the back ground and monitor the progress on your taskbar Rufus USB 7


The process is now complete and you have a bootable Windows 10 USB, hit close  

 Rufus USB 8


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