How to install VMware tools in Ubuntu operating system?

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to install VMware tools on Ubuntu 12 and later. VM tools package allows the interaction between the guest and host Operating system as well as enhance the performance of a virtual machine.

For the installation you need to connect your ubuntu system to VMnet0 for internet connection as we need to install/update some packge to the system over the intenet. To install the package you need to login as a root user or add 'sudo' command to get root privileges.

Here is the step by step installation of Vmware tools in Ubuntu 12 and later.



First make sure that all package for ubuntu is installed and upto-date by running following command

Sudo apt update 

Sudo apt upgrade



Installing VMware tools by running following command

sudo apt install open-vm-tools



For Ubuntu desktop, run following command

sudp apt install open-vm-tools-desktop



 Now,restart the virtual machine for the changes to take place by running following command



Once the virtual machine reboots , now you will be able to enjoy all the Vmtools features on your virtual machine

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