How to Format a USB

How to Format a USB


Format is a tool in PC’s that can erase all data from a hard drive or USB, it is faster than deleting everything manually and makes sure nothing survives in the storage to affect your new data after you format.


USB or Universal Serial Bus is a device that can store data like a hard drive except its small, making it easier to carry around and it can plug in any USB port on any computer, no complicated methods needed to access the data from USB or remove it without taking up any time.

How to Format a USB Step 1

Right click the USB in the ‘This PC’ page at which you can access by left clicking the Folders icon at taskbar on the left and scroll down to Format and left click.



How to Format a USB Step 2

After clicking on Format, it will bring up this page. Just click on Start if you want to proceed. There is an option to use Quick Format which makes formatting faster but may miss some small data.


How to Format a USB Step 3

Clicking Start takes you to a warning which reminds you that all data on that USB your formatting will be gone forever, so make sure to backup data you want to keep on another storage like a hard drive. When your contempt, click OK.



How to Format a USB Step 4

Now you just wait for a bit and then the formatting will be complete. After that’s done, Click OK and the format pages will be gone, and you’ll have fresh clean USB.



Reasons for Formatting a USB

-         Removing all data with speed and efficiency

-         May be used as a last-ditch effort for troubleshooting

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