'USB device not recognised' pop-up error when connecting USB devices.


Are you getting trouble with the USB device like the message  “USB device not recognized” error whenever you plug in a USB mouse, keyboard, camera, or another device?  We probably have connected with a USB hub to one of the USB ports so that we can connect even more devices. Most of the time that works fine, but sometimes the computer can not recognize or might stop recognizing USB devices. The solutions that I can share to connect the USB device to the computer below :

Update Device Driver. If Windows is not able to recognize the device, it may also see in Device Manager that the device shows up as an “Unknown Device”. It can get to Device Manager by clicking on Start and typing in devmgmt.msc or by going to Control Panel and clicking on Device Manager

 Figure 2


 Figure 3

In that case, that should right-click on Unknown Device, click on Properties, then the Driver tab and then click Update Driver.

 Figure 3

There are two options that we can select, if we do not have any driver on the hard disk, we should select “Search automatically for updated driver software”, if we have downloaded a driver and save it on the hard disk driver, we choose “Browse my computer for driver software”.


 Figure 4


Hopefully, this solution above will solve your USB problem. 



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