How to connect to a virtual network in VMware.

Before you connect virtual machines (VM) to a virtual network you will need to create your virtual machines, in this case; a Windows 10 VM and a Windows Server 2016 VM. This tutorial is for VMware.

Step 1. Virtual machine settings.
Once you have created your virtual machines you will need to change their network adapter settings in VMware.

Select "Edit virtual machine settings”.



2. Select "Network Adapter".
3. Select "Custom: Specific virtual network”.



4. Select whichever VMnet you'd like. Both VM's need to be on the same custom specified virtual network. 



5. Repeat for all VM's.


Step 2. Windows Settings.

Once you have set the VM's network adapters to be on the same VMnet you need to assign ip addresses in Windows Settings. 

1. Right click the internet icon on the VM's taskbar.

2. Select "Open Network & Internet settings".


3. Select "Change adapter options"


 4. Right click the network adapter, select "Properties"


5. Select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”

6. Select "Properties"




7. Assign an IP address, this is repeated on all machines; they must be on the same subnet. 

*If you are connecting to a Domain the DNS server must be the same as the IP address of the Domain Controller*




Step 3. Testing the connection.

1. Type "cmd" into Windows search bar. 

2. Select "Command Prompt"




3.  Type "ping" then the ip address of the other machine you want to ping, for eg: "ping"



4. Then press the "Enter" key. 

If done correctly you should recieve a reply from the other virtual machine through a virtual network. 



5. Repeat on other virtual machine to test both ways. 

You have now created a virtual network on VMware.


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