How to add A Printer on Windows 10

This article will cover.

  • setting up a wired connection Printer
  • Setting specific Printer as the default printer


Wired Printer.

If you are attempting to set up a Printer that requires a USB Cable connection, then follow these steps. 


Step 1. Connect your Printer to your PC with a USB cable and turn on the printer.


Step 2. Open up the windows settings menu and select the 'Devices' option. you can locate the setting menu by opening the start  menu at the bottom left side corner, it resembles the windows logo, then select the Cog icon to open settings.


Find setting

 Fig 1.


after clicking the cog icon you should get this screen

Fig 1

 Fig 2


Step 3. Out of the Devices options Select 'Printers and scanners' located on the left side of the screen.


Fig 2

Fig 3


Step 4. Select 'add a printer or scanner' windows will then begin scanning for any connected printers that it can find.


Fig 3

Fig 4


Step 5. If Windows detects your printer, click on the name of the printer and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. And you're done. If Windows doesn't find your connected printer, click on "The printer that I want isn't listed" link.


Fig 4

Fig 5


Windows will then start troubleshooting guide to help find your printer. It will search for available printers and download the drivers needed for that printer.



Setting default printer

Here are some very quick steps for setting a default printer. particularly useful if you have more than 1 printer.


Step 1. go to Printers and scanners in setting and select the already installed Printer and click 'Manage'.


Fig 5

Fig 6


Step 2. click the ‘set as default’ button


Fig 6

Fig 7


Hopefully, this article has proved useful and resolved your printer related issue.

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