How to connect a Windows 11 device to a domain.



Before following this guide, please ensure the device/s you wish to connect to the domain can communicate with the domain controller server and you've set a desired name for the device.


Note, the following:

-   Device was running within VMware WorkStation Pro - Version: 16.1.0

-   Virutal Machine Operating System: Windows 11 Pro – Version: 10.0.22000.

     (Microsoft are changing things all time please check your windows version against written guide)



Step 1:

Click the start menu then select the pinned settings application.

(If there isn’t a pinned application simply type “Settings” into the search bar and click the best result).

Step 1



Step 2:

Select “System” from the categories on the left then scroll down and select “About” tab.

Step 2


Step 3:

 Scroll down until you find the “Related Links” section then select “Domain or workgroup”.

Step 3


Step 4:

Click the change button.


Step 5:

Select “Domain” under “Member of” and enter the domain name, in my case it’s “Company.local” then click “OK”.


Step 6:

Here you must enter the details of an account with enough permisions to join a domain. Once you've entered the details of said account click "OK"



If the details of the account were correct and they have sufficient permissions to join a domain, you will get a “Welcome to the XXXXXX Domain” message, simply click ok and follow the onscreen prompts for a reboot and internal setup for domain use.




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