How to Create a Host/Guest Shared Folder between Windows 10 Machines in VMware Workstation Pro 15.5.1

The following instructional creates a shared folder between a Windows 10 Pro version 1909 host and a Windows 10 Education version 1803 guest. The purpose of a shared folder is to share files and folders between the Host and Guest/s.

Warning: Allowing a host/guest shared folder compromises the security of the host machine. Only allow shared folders if you trust the guest machine because if the guest is compromised it could affect the host.

1.    If you do not have VMware Tools installed you must have the VM turned off. Than Click Edit Virtual Machine Settings.(See Fig 1)

Fig 1

2.     In the window that appears click the tab Options.(See Fig 2)

Fig 2

3.     In the left pane select shared folders than in the right click Always Enabled and click Map as a network drive in Windows guests.(See Fig 3)

Fig 3

4.     Click Add and in the windows that appears click Next.(See Fig 4)

Fig 4

5.     Browse to the Desktop(See Fig 5) and create a folder there called Shared Folders. Select it and click OK.(See Fig 5.1)



Fig 5

Fig 5.1

6.     Click Next (See Fig 6)

Fig 6

7.     Leave the settings as is and click Finish than OK.(See Fig 7)

Fig 7


8.     Power on the VM.(See Fig 8)

Fig 8

9.     Open File Explorer in the virtual machine and click This PC.(See Fig 9)

Fig 9

10.     Select the Network shared folder.(See Fig 10)

Fig 10

11.     Then Click the Shared Folder.(See Fig 11)

Fig 11

12.    At this point it’s safe to say it’s working. You can now transfer filers and folders between host and guest.(See Fig 12)

Fig 12

I hope this guide has provided a helpful instructional on how to enable shared folders. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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