How to connect to the DoE internet on an android phone


Step 1: Open the settings app then open the network & Internet menu.



Step 2: Once the network & internet menu opens there will be a list of wifi networks you can connect too. Click on the wifi network labelled as DoE_Student.



Step 3: Once you have clicked on the DoE_Student wifi a menu will open where you can input the details. You will want to change CA Certificate to "Do not validate".



Step 4: You now need to enter you Identity and Password. The Identity should be written in the format shown in the image below. Once your details have been entered click connect which will then direct you to a login page.


Step 5: Once the login screen has opened input the same login details as before and click login. If you details are correct the window will close and you will be connected to the internet.



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09-11-2020 05:51
Bud Howard
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